Why B2B an B2C Marketing Needs to Understand Rich Media Better


“If you’re not testing, you’re not learning.” A few years ago, even as recently as 2017 for some verticals, you could get away with being phenomenal digital media buyer – ninjas at SEM, paid social and DSP display – and run static images for social/display without any rich media let alone great video and/or drive people to simple and aggressive lead generation landing pages and still have a good ROI.

In 2019, 2020 and beyond, if your company – whether in eComm or High Value B2C or B2B – isn’t deploying at minimum rich media let alone ideally organic and compelling video based creative, you’re likely setting money on fire and finding your paid customer generation channels are suffering from higher acquisition costs and lower volume of net new clients.

We made a full, agency-wide pivot 2 years ago (the summer of 2017) to make sure every single client was being encouraged either with their in-house design teams or through our agency to make their digital world rich media first. The key- to never deploy a static image as a paid advertisement unless absolutely necessary.

It has been a huge win or us and for our clients. What’s your experience with rich media?