Executives, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs Will Learn:

The four essential digital marketing campaigns that every company in the world needs to run
How to focus all marketing conversations on things that deliver immediate ROI – and why clicks, retweets, and likes are not nearly as important as how much marketers talk about them
How to prioritize the four digital channels efficiently – search engines, social networks, display advertising, email campaigns
Why there is a 99% chance your company is not deploying the most simple, profitable campaigns and marketing tactics to compete in the 21st Century

The CEO's Digital Marketing Playbook

  • Introduction
    The Kingdom and the Power of Digital Direct Response
  • Chapter 1
    The Essential Glossary
    on the ad channels, technology and terms. If you can’t speak the language, you can’t manage a 21st Century marketing team. And if you think you know the language just because you’re a CEO or CMO, I beg you to reconsider and dive in to refresh.
  • Chapter 2
    The Essential Marketing Strategy and Team Structure for Every Company:
    Your general foundation, philosophy, and strategy for direct response marketing regardless of industry.
  • Chapter 3
    The CORE 4 Tactics
    The “C4” for every single company selling anything to anyone.
  • Chapter 4
    The ADVANCED 8 Tactics – The “A8”
    Long Term, Holistic Marketing Playbook Beyond the Core Four Digital. Nine universal digital and direct marketing tactics that work together to allow an effective direct response plan to scale.



Thomas Donohoe is the author of The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook, as well as founder and CEO of Level Agency, a leader in direct-response digital advertising and customer generation for domestic and international B2B and high-value B2C verticals. Mr. Donohoe is the rare marketing CEO with deep hands-on knowledge of the advertising platforms, tactics and technologies that power ROI and drive results in today’s ever-evolving marketing environment. To him, direct-response digital marketing isn’t a practice – it’s an obsession!