The Small Details Make Search Engine Marketing Work

It’s amazing how thin the line is between a Google Ads (or Bing) campaign that has a great cost per acquisition and ROI and one that misses the mark where you feel like shutting down the whole paid search channel.

It’s not like 2010 or 2001 where you had to be OK to have good SEM results – the competition and strategic landscape has massively changed.

Don’t be fooled thinking that your teams or agency can check the box even if they are smart and good people. If the results are decent or poor, dig in. I guarantee you can find a few missing or broken pieces in your SEM game that, when optimized, will turn it profitable and viable quickly.

Not every other channel like paid social or display works in EVERY single vertical (though they work for most). But unless your company just built the new mousetrap in your industry, your prospective clients can ABSOLUTELY be found and acquired in Google and Bing at a GOOD ROI…you just need to up your game to 2019 levels and be tenacious with deploying true best practices vs. checking the PPC box.