The Best 2 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

I often get asked for advice from entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially relating to their new endeavors or product lines. It’s incredible to me how wildly different the popular pieces of advice on social media are from the reality of the business advice they should be receiving…what can work in the real world.

MYTH 1: “Patience” – Oh Heck, no. That’s not a business plan unless you’re rich or your boss/shareholders/etc don’t mind your business taking years of floundering.

MYTH 2: “Follow the playbooks of the Unicorn Companies” and try to change the world with everything? I think that’s insane, beyond unrealistic, and just not a real business plan.

Here are my 2 pieces of real-world advice based on experience that is helpful for any solo entrepreneur or small business looking to grow THIS YEAR and do so without winning the 1 in a 1,000,000 lottery of inventing something like Uber.