How to Know You’re Hiring a Good Digital Agency

Would you hire a law firm for trial if the partners at the firm hadn’t ever litigated?

Would you go to a dentist to operate on your eye?

In the 21st Century, one-stop shops and/or teams that are led by executives who have NEVER done digital work as an employee is DANGEROUS.

A mentor of mine once said it’s like asking a right-handed pitcher to throw a game using his or her left hand.

Be careful of teams led by executives who haven’t spent real time in the OTHER chair. CEOs/Presidents who are technologists run good tech companies. Creatives run good brand marketing shops. And Digital-1st CEOs/Presidents who have actually sat in the chair run the best practice digital firms.

Can it infrequently work to not follow this rule? Sure!

Is it a safe bet? Heck no!

This week, my agency will be taking on a few new accounts (and from competitors) which have left us with various examples of not-great-digital-marketing-101 to clean up and AGAIN I’m left wondering with how our clients decided years ago work with these firms. And I wanted to try and offer some concrete advice on how to pick a quality digital agency.

What is your experience?