What Start-Ups and Product Launches Need to Know About Digital Advertising

Startups that need to be cash-flow sensitive while driving revenue quickly need to focus on the Core 4:

  1. Tradename SEM
  2. Social Network and Banner Ad Retargeting
  3. Social Network Custom Audience Targeting (CAT)
  4. Optimized Landing Pages These must-have elements of digital marketing should be done before anything else, it’s that simple.

These four things are the cheapest, easiest things to build without an expensive agency, and they are the most frequent drivers of low cost-per-acquisition (i.e. profitable) digital lead and customer generation.

If there is extra money, and it’s a B2B service business, then a few ad hoc moves like participating in the right conference or getting in with the right networking group is important.

If it’s B2C, the move is finding the digital channel – either search engines or social networks – where your best customers can be found for good prices, then doubling down. This is often, but not always, in either Google or Facebook and would be a more advanced version of the Core 4 tactics.

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