SEO vs SEM: Why Focusing on SEM Supports Scalability & ROI

For the majority of High Value B2C and B2B enterprises, let’s focus on building scalable, highly-indexed-to-be-ROI-positive SEM campaigns on Google, Bing (Microsoft), and Yahoo (which will eventually disappear beyond 2020).

Because we care about tactics that are highly correlated with successful customer generation, this is why we are focusing on SEM versus SEO:

Big picture, SEM campaigns are…

  • Scalable, and for national campaigns, they typically have a high ceiling before you hit the point of diminishing returns.
  • Predictable. The cost per lead and cost per sale you got last week in SEM is typically what you should expect next week.
  • Quantifiable, trackable, and you know exactly what happens to every $1 spent.
  • Optimizable. You, as the client, can decide if, how, when, and why to invest more into that line item for your business.

SEM is often, not always, the best channel—digital or direct—for new customers when you take into account the volume and cost per sale or cost per new customer acquisition. Nine times out of ten, for High Value B2C and B2B, there is no better volume driver on earth at great (low) cost per customer acquisitions than SEM. Period.

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