Must-haves for Relevant Marketing

To be relevant in profitable customer generation marketing for 2019 and beyond, understanding current best practices is essential.

So what are the best methods? I call them the “Core Four,” and they are the low-hanging fruit – the low cost, highly impactful opportunities every company can take advantage of on day one:

  1. Trade name paid search
  2. Retargeting ads on social media and banner ad networks (basically anywhere other than social media)
  3. Lead nurturing via social media “CAT” campaigns
  4. The use of landing pages that are effective at turning visitors into customers.

If you’re not 1,000% positive about what those are OR you know what they mean but you haven’t deployed them aggressively, ask me a question or get a hold of your regional best practice digital agency. Now, what else can you do?

It’s imperative to pay attention in your industry to where your prospective clients and customers are spending time, researching, or learning and see if those platforms offer a cost effective means to advertise. Pay attention to digital channels a) where your clients live, b) that have good ad platforms, and c) where the ability to capture someone’s attention and drive them to DO something is well-priced.

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