Marketing & Sales Working Together

It should go without saying that digital media and integrated CRM technologies have changed how sales and marketing teams work together. But exactly how? And what do you need to keep an eye out for in YOUR company to ensure global best practices are at your doorstep?

While these teams are typically siloed, how these teams work together and apart from each other – and what they owe each other – is evolving quickly. For executives in B2B, it’s important to understand what to take advantage of when attempting to be “digital first.”

The reality is, that in our generation, Google isn’t going to replace the need for a good salesperson.

But how marketing CAN and MUST help a sales team includes two main things: lead nurturing and an evergreen content approach. First, marketing and advertising can help a sales team nurture leads by utilizing social media, search engines and display, a role that can move a lead to a conversation and eventually convert to a sale. Second, an evergreen approach runs in the background 24/7/365 and is low cost, has good ROI and is quantifiable. It might not be 50% of net new leads every month, but marketing owes sales and the CEO/CMO a continuous, good-cost-per-sale pipeline.

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