From: The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook

This is what your future marketing funnel should look like for net new customer generation. Viewed as a horizontal journey, the new consumer experience can be imagined with these stages and tactics, ideally supplemented with high quality call centers and customer nurturing efforts.

There is no singular marketing battle plan that is perfect for every vertical across B2B + High Value B2C . Moreover, it’s not just about digital marketing. There are many pieces of traditional, offline advertising and marketing that are effective elements in a robust, full stack customer journey.

This is about reviewing the WHOLE portfolio of tactics and ad platforms under the Customer Generation umbrella and deciding what’s right for your company based on your details.

In general, it’s the same goal: Getting more efficient in spending money, testing new channels, tactics, & messages, and reporting intelligently using CRM data to show you what’s making money and what’s not.

Take it from a digital marketing native: Full stack, scalable, and truly successful customer generation focused marketing demands more than digital. You need All Digital + Traditional Channels + Cohesive Messaging…done in a synchronized fashion.

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