Facebook & Privacy

My recent conversation with Indus Special addressed the frequently asked question, “Is Facebook actually doing anything about privacy?” And the answer is… “kind of.”

To explain, agencies are the pipeline for Facebook’s revenue, and digital advertisers, their clients, and other agencies like mine, are tasked with funneling ad money through platforms like Facebook – a business transaction based on the fundamentals of marketing and advertising: it’s dollars out, customers in.

To be clear, it’s not that advertisers don’t care about the impact of social media on culture, current events, or the current status of privacy in the age of social media. And of COURSE the duty of ad users should be to uphold the truth on platforms — it’s just a simple formula: If a company can put dollars into the system, utilize the data within these platforms to target specifically, and get out customers at a good cost per acquisition, they will keep spending money. And as long as the users are going to respond well to ads, with their own privacy concerns or not, companies will keep spending that money.

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