Dollars Out, Customers In: Why Facebook is Winning

When it’s all about getting out the right message, at the right time for a fair price, Facebook and Instagram have it down to a science, continuing their reign as the primary direct response, customer generating platforms in social media. There are two central reasons these platforms have risen to the top:

  1. Their targeting capabilities are the best
    1. They INVENTED the 1-1 targeting capability of everyone in your database: CAT (Custom Audience Targeting) uses your current lead/customer list to take information you already have and reconnect with people who have shown interest in your business.
  2. The creative components support customer-focused, attention-converting ads
    1. Your creative arsenal is HUGE: The ad formats supported by Facebook allow marketers to utilize creative options and aggressively engage their target audience.
    2. Your creative experience is IMMERSIVE: forget static images and single video with LinkedIn. In Facebook, you click on an ad and are taken into a fully immersive brand experience.

While Facebook and Instagram have this locked down, what CEOs and CMOs care about is good ROI, and the “winning” platforms will always yield the most leads/customers for dollars spent.

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