Deploying Dollars on Paid Social

It’s pretty simple, for 20 years, I’ve spent money in digital channels to drive customers: deploying dollars to generate sales in B2B and B2C. And what I know to be true in 2019 and beyond, is that you need to be deploying paid social advertising for your business or product.

Now, what really is “paid social,” and why does it matter?

On the most basic level: PAID SOCIAL = dollars being deployed on (very) advanced ads utilizing highly specific targeting.

More specifically, paid social is done by professional digital marketers (agencies) capable of deploying best practices within this space, driving traffic to landing pages – which are in your CONTROL – and allowing the potential customer to actually DO something.

While organic social is focused on content and keeping current clients within your ecosystem, paid social is a strategy for customer generation: weapons-grade targeting to build and nurture leads your team can eventually convert.

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