Data-Driven Decision-Making

If content is king, then data is queen, and she should be in the driver’s seat of your team’s decision-making. At an executive level, CEOs and CMOs need to care about cost-per-customer acquisition on two or three levels:

  1. At the channel level (paid search, paid social, display)
  2. At the ad platform level (Google vs. Bing, Facebook vs. Instagram, etc.)
  3. Down to the campaign level below (your Product A SEM campaign vs. Product B SEM campaign).

If you’re not seeing these on a bi-weekly basis at a minimum, you’re lost. At a manager or “in-the-trenches” level, marketing professionals need to land their by-platform budgets each month and pivot if they are seeing in-month or in-week cost per lead values spike or drop.

The job of the women and men in the marketing trenches is to optimize campaigns like the budget is coming out of their own checking account and pivot when they see an external market reality, responding to it by either spending less or more.

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