Competing Up-Funnel: Social Networks

Consider the customer journey of a person completely unaware that they need anything, let alone that they know about your company, to the point of sale where they become a faithful new customer in your CRM.

The only digital channels where you can compete for new customers before they start actively shopping—what we call going “up-funnel” or prospecting—is in the realm of social networks and banner ads. Remember, offline advertising has been empirically proven to be a trash-can-fire-in-a-prison-cell bad for ROI with often ten times the cost per acquisitions for new customers.

The advertising channels where you must compete up-funnel are:

  • Banner Ads
  • Social Networks

And between banner ads and social networks, the targeting—the ability to put the right ad in front of the right person at the right time—is an order of magnitude better, especially with Facebook and Instagram, than even the best DSP display media buy. So, social networks are THE best way to reach your audience with killer, best-in-marketing creative ad units, so target them surgically with the best demographic/psychographic data points known to mankind for a good price!

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