CEO’s, are You Asking The Right Questions of Your Marketing Leaders?

While every project is unique and requires specific resources, creative, and strategic assets, there are high-level questions CEO’s should be asking throughout and at the conclusion of campaigns. These questions nearly always lead to better thinking AND more focused conversations:

… was the cost-per-LEAD for the campaign?
… was the cost-per-CUSTOMER for the campaign?
… was the SAMPLE SET in terms of leads AND clicks?
… OPTIMIZATIONS did you conduct throughout the campaign?
… were the OUTCOMES of the moves you made?
… would YOU DO differently next time?

And the BEST question in the world, and I’ll never forget that it was the FIRST question my hero/boss asked me Day 1 of a new job: “What did you LEARN?”

And now, years later, I continue to believe, it’s not only helpful to ask these data-driven, answer-generating, strategy-adjusting questions, but it’s IMPERATIVE to create truly effective, lead and customer generating campaigns.

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