At a high level, you need to know that the journey in B2B and High Value B2C net new customer generation is a path that follows a flow.

The Four Stages of the B2C & B2B Sales Cycle are:

  1. Drive consumer action
    1. TRUE Omni-Channel Advertising: Google, Bing, Yahoo! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Direct Mail, DSP, Display, Email
  2. Convert actions into leads
    1. ROI-focused web design and optimization + prospect nurturing via digital retargeting
  3. Convert leads into customers
    1. Omni-channel lead nurturing, direct mail/email, social, text/automated voice
  4. Optimize using data to spend a dollar better today than you did yesterday.
    1. Make sure you are pulling in CRM data and marrying that with front end ad spends to get the cost per acquisition And while [lists] are nice, we need to talk more about WHY we do this, beyond the fact that it’s better, smarter, and respects ROI and the core desired outcome of marketing.
    2. We want to take media dollars and turn those into new B2C customers and qualified sales opportunities for B2B companies.
    3. We want to only focus on what we know makes money 90 percent of the time, activities that have proven to show a Return on Marketing Investment.

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